Agricultural electrical services is our bread and butter. We know the particular electrical needs of a farming operation.  When looking for an electrician the first thing you think of is safety. We put the safety of our clients and our staff as a number one priority. Agriculture can be a dangerous business. There are many hazards. Don’t let your storage bins be one of those hazards. Leave the installation, maintenance, and repairs to us at Jeannot Electric. Agricultural electrical service is one of our specialties, we can tell you the electrical code clearance. If you are putting up a new bin call us and we can help with professional advice and service. We know if your current power transformer is big enough or needs upgrading. Our certified electricians know the electrical and safety requirements for grain bins. Don’t try to do the work yourself! You need a qualified electrician to wire your new bin or maintain and repair your current bins.

We provide all types of electrical services such as:

  • Bin service and repairs
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • Trenching
  • Backup power systems
  • Aeration fans
  • Power sweep motors
  • New panel upgrading
  • Upgrade to code services
  • Exterior building wiring



For your bins, we can periodically check all electrical components. This keeps them in good working order.
Wiring for fans, heaters, and lights should be inspected. Corrosion and cracked, frayed, or broken insulation needs to be addressed. Exposed wiring should be run through waterproof, dust-tight conduit. We inspect and make sure all connections are secure!
Compliance with electrical codes is critical. The safety of your farm’s electrical system is at stake. While it is not necessary for you to understand every detail of the electrical codes. It is essential that your electrician does!
If your farm is not wired properly it can jeopardize your health and safety and the operation of your farm. There are specifications for wiring according to building type on the farm. Damp buildings, like silos, are vulnerable. They can have high levels of moisture, corrosive dust, and gases. They require dust and moisture-tight, non-corroding materials, and wiring methods. Dusty buildings like fertilizer, dry grain, and hay storage buildings. They can have high levels of explosive dust. That calls for dustproof and ignition-proof materials and wiring methods. Dry buildings like shops and garages. They can be wired with the same materials that are used in residential buildings. A licensed qualified electrician must do the wiring according to code. We know the codes and the proper materials to use. Trust us with your most valued possession, the safe and efficient operation of your farm. Jeannot Electric, the Agricultural Electrical Specialists.
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